Nook Showing Error “User Not Activated” Solved

Nook by Barnes and noble is not just another rip-off of Kindle. It means serious business. It, in fact, has a lot of features which are not even available on the best of Kindle e-reader devices. Though it is not backed up by Amazon, it has its share of avid readers. You can read a lot more about many of its features at www Nook com. Here, we are trying to solve an issue related to error code when it shows “User not activated”. This error happens in only certain kind of devices.


Why the error message shows up:

Nook has a very diverse lineup of products. These products range from a standard rugged Nook to another kind of devices such as Nook for enthusiastic readers. In comparison, it stands tall with other full-fledged tablets such as Samsung Galaxy tablets. It gives Amazon Kindle a run for the money because of its amazing features and staggering lifespan. Nook Support  is way beyond the conventional and would help users to the very extent that their device would not work. Unlike Kindle where they try to sell more devices over customer service, Nook’s customer service has a greater inclination towards getting the device working.

With a lot of models come a lot of issues. Nook has its share of issues in spite of being one of the toughest e-readers on the planet. As one of the issues reported on Nook Com Support, users are reporting that their e-book readers are showing an error message saying user not activated. This error code is shown mostly on new devices where the setup is being done for the first time. there are also other Nook devices which are a little older but a splash screen shows the same error code.

The error message depicts that the user account which is being used on the nook is not activated for the device. However, users have posted screenshots from www Nook com Account where it can be seen that devices are well updated and accounts are activated from Nook’s website. This has caused havoc among users who have paid for many e-books from Barnes and Noble’s e-book store as well as from third party stores. Sure, the device comes with an SD card reader with a behemoth of expansion hence the books can be saved to the SD card by default. The issue is a lot worse for first time users.

How to resolve the “User not activated” error code?

As confirmed by Nook Customer Service, there are a lot of Nook devices which come with in-built adobe digital edition. These are some special device editions and they look exactly like normal versions. The difference lies on the software side of the product. Adobe digital edition is already preloaded on these devices and hence when users install the same program it shows an error and program does not get installed. So, not installing it by ourselves is surely a way around but not the correct solution.

The solution to this problem is described in some of the following steps as under. Nook devices usually have USB ports on them. Connect the nook device with your computer. Then go to my computer or equivalent of it on MAC or Linux based PC. Then click on Nook and you will find an adobe digital edition folder there. Copy the folder and paste it on your computer. Then delete the same from the device. Now, restart your adobe digital edition. After restarting, plug Nook to your computer. You would be able to see a nook icon inside adobe digital edition. When you click on the icon it will prompt you to authorise the device.

Hence, the issue will be resolved. If it is not, users can visit Nook Help for more information on the problem.


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