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How to fix your Kindle charging issue?

How to fix your Kindle charging issue?

What’s going on Kindle users? Enjoying your astonishing device? Well, all the Kindle users are firm proof of Kindle’s appreciation. If you love reading books, then this device is the best option for you with its amazing features. Being a user of Kindle, if you’re struggling with any technical mess or error then you can get the Amazon Kindle Support from the Kindle professionals and experts. Now if you’re one of them who are facing the technical trouble regarding battery like you Kindle is not charging properly or taking too long to charge, then here we have some troubleshooting steps, which may resolve this problem.

Activate Sleep Mode

If you activate the Sleep mode, it automatically saves the power of your device. If you’ve completed your content or going to sleep then don’t forget to put your Kindle into sleep mode. You can easily activate this mode by pressing the power button at the bottom of your Kindle.

Wireless Connection- Turn Off

We all if we’re using Wi-Fi with our Kindle device it chews up a lot of battery rapidly, so simply turn off the Wi-Fi connection by navigating to Home, and then make a press on Menu button. After that, you need to select Settings and then turn off next to Airplane Mode.

Power Adapter

You won’t get the enough power from some computers and older keyboards, means your Kindle device won’t get fully charged. You need to use USB cable to make a connection between your device and the power adapter and to charge your device, use an electrical outlet. Charge your Kindle device unless you don’t see the green light or you can use another USB cable or power adapter to use charge your Kindle, in case you’re facing the obstacle in charging.

Rest being as Kindle user if you’re looking for any Kindle Update, you need to stay tuned with Amazon and to update kindle device, like software update, you may need to download the latest software version manually and transfer the update to your device with the help of USB cable.